Cleaning Mistakes You're Probably Making Every Day

Cleaning your home or the office isn't always as easy as you might think; running the vacuum and spraying some bleach cleaner on the bathroom fixtures isn't enough to really get those surfaces thoroughly clean, and some cleaning methods may actually cause damage to your home. Note a few cleaning mistakes you're probably making, and consider hiring a professional cleaner if needed, so you know your needed cleaning always gets done properly. [Read More]

Three Important Elements to Consider for Post-Construction Clean-Up

Cleaning is an important process which must be performed after construction of your new home or renovation of your old property. This task will prepare your house for habitation and improve its aesthetic value. Moreover, proper cleaning will protect you and your family from illnesses which are associated with post-construction residues. In general, there is a significant difference between the cleaning necessary after the building process and the one required for regular home maintenance. [Read More]

Understanding the Misconceptions and Facts Surrounding Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is widely known as a harmful material that is commonly found in building materials. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause asbestosis, a respiratory condition that's characterized by shortness of breath, swellings around the face and neck, and inflammation of the lungs. There are so various misconceptions surrounding asbestos and its exposure to the environment, some of which can lead one to make decisions that may risk their health and that of others. [Read More]

Allergy Attack – How to Draw Up a Plan to Minimise These Outbreaks in Your Office

It seems that the change in every season brings a new raft of allergies to the surface, causing misery and heartbreak to millions of Australians. While many allergies are caused by different flowering plants, a considerable number are caused by triggers like the humble dust mite. If you want to maintain good productivity in the office and keep your staff as healthy as possible, you need to be sure that your property is spotlessly clean. [Read More]