Three Important Elements to Consider for Post-Construction Clean-Up

Cleaning is an important process which must be performed after construction of your new home or renovation of your old property. This task will prepare your house for habitation and improve its aesthetic value. Moreover, proper cleaning will protect you and your family from illnesses which are associated with post-construction residues. In general, there is a significant difference between the cleaning necessary after the building process and the one required for regular home maintenance. Therefore, consider these critical elements to ensure that your post-construction clean-up project is successful.

Builder's Dust

Builder's dust is the particulate waste released during construction by materials such as concrete, masonry stones and cement. The dust must be eliminated completely from the house prior to habitation because it could cause respiratory problems. In ideal circumstances, you should not sweep the surfaces except when necessary. This disturbs the dust and the material always rests on another surface. However, if you want to sweep extensively, ensure that the windows are open to prevent dust accumulation.

In general, you should start cleaning builder's dust from the top parts of the residential spaces to the bottom. In simple terms, sweep the ceilings with a soft broom, and wipe the walls and window sills with a damp cloth. When this task is completed, use your vacuum to clean away the dust on the floor and other features. During this process, you should check the vacuum filter frequently to ensure that there is no blockage. Finally, you should mop the floor surfaces to restore the appearance after the prolonged contact with dust.

Waste Disposal

Your property will have numerous construction waste materials after completion of the project. These must be disposed properly to restore the appearance of your home. Typically, construction rubbish should not be placed in your normal disposal bin. The volume will be high, and there might be restrictions on the type of waste that can be handled. For optimal efficiency, hire a skip bin. You can choose a size that best matches your needs, and the rental service will collect and dispose the rubbish. When hiring a skip bin, ensure that you have selected one that allows construction waste placement.

Professional or DIY Clean-Up

You can choose to engage professional services or perform a DIY post-construction clean-up. The latter option is ideal because you will minimise your cleaning expenses. However, this is only ideal for small-scale work, particularly after some renovations. If your entire house requires clean-up, choose professional cleaners. They will handle the pertinent tasks with more efficiency and speed.