Top Tips for Using the Steam Carpet Cleaning Technique

While most carpets are stain-resistant, none are stain-proof. Therefore, as dirt, oils and liquids get trapped in carpet fibres, they leave behind stain spots that should be removed immediately. Besides stubborn stains, failure to clean your carpet on time leads to discolouring and unpleasant odours. Although there are numerous carpet cleaning methods, steam cleaning is the only true deep cleaning technique. It is because hot steam reaches the deepest sections of carpet fibres. [Read More]

How to Tell If You Have a Mould Problem at Home

Mould spores are everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. But those spores only become a problem when the conditions are right. Once mould spores find a location that has moisture or humidity, and a material that it can feed on — such as wood — it will soon begin to appear. Mould is bad for your health, especially if you have respiratory issues caused by asthma or other allergies. And mould is unsightly. [Read More]

Guide to Hiring a Cleaning Company

A clean office is a priority. It encourages productivity and presents an excellent image to existing and potential customers. To ensure a clean office, therefore, you should choose the right cleaning company. Consider the following aspects when looking for office cleaning services: Services offered The first aspect to consider when hiring a cleaning company is the services they offer. Some cleaning companies offer essential janitorial services, while others offer window cleaning. [Read More]

Deceased Estate Cleaning: How to Retrieve Valuable Items

If you're responsible for managing the estate of someone who has died, then you may have decided to hire a deceased estate cleaning service to clear their home to make it ready to sell. This is especially useful if the person was a hoarder who has filled their house to the brim.  You may, however, worry that there may be valuable or sentimental items hidden in all that junk that you would like to keep. [Read More]