Top Tips for Using the Steam Carpet Cleaning Technique

While most carpets are stain-resistant, none are stain-proof. Therefore, as dirt, oils and liquids get trapped in carpet fibres, they leave behind stain spots that should be removed immediately. Besides stubborn stains, failure to clean your carpet on time leads to discolouring and unpleasant odours. Although there are numerous carpet cleaning methods, steam cleaning is the only true deep cleaning technique. It is because hot steam reaches the deepest sections of carpet fibres. However, steam cleaning requires a proper application to achieve the best results. This article highlights tips for good carpet steam cleaning technique.

Use Long Passes — A common mistake that homeowners make when steam cleaning their carpets is to use the machine as a standard vacuum cleaner. Short back-and-forth movements across a carpet are the most effective with a vacuum cleaner since they allow the suction power to suck every bit of debris deep within the fibres. However, you cannot do the same with a steam cleaner for various reasons. For instance, some steamers apply soap during the forward movement and suck it during backward movements. Therefore, short back-and-forth movements make eliminating soap from a carpet challenging. On the other hand, long passes are highly effective because they help protect carpet fibres from prolonged exposure to steam. Besides, long strokes make it easy to clear soap from a carpet.

Use Slow Passes — Another movement commonly used with vacuum cleaners are fast strokes haphazardly applied over a carpet. The reason is that vacuum cleaners are powerful and readily suck any loose debris on a rag. It is the reason vacuuming carpets with loose dirt is fast and effortless. However, steam carpet cleaning requires more patience than vacuuming because steam cleaners work slower than vacuum cleaners. If you pull a steam cleaner too fast, you risk being left with wet spots all over a carpet because you do not give the device time to dry most of the water on the rag. Pushing and pulling a steam cleaner slowly gives it enough time for vapour to penetrate deep and surround carpet fibres to soften and loosen dirt and stains. It also allows vacuuming components enough time to lift excess moisture, germs and dirt.

Use Soft Water — The level of water hardness or softness determines the effectiveness of steam carpet cleaning. Most homeowners believe they can comfortably use hard or soft water, but it is not the case. Notably, the salts in hard water prevent the lathering of detergents; hence, you are forced to use a lot of soap or shampoo during carpet cleaning. Additionally, hard water can do a number on a steamer by depositing salts on critical components such as the heating element. Therefore, stick to soft water when steam cleaning your carpet.