Deceased Estate Cleaning: How to Retrieve Valuable Items

If you're responsible for managing the estate of someone who has died, then you may have decided to hire a deceased estate cleaning service to clear their home to make it ready to sell. This is especially useful if the person was a hoarder who has filled their house to the brim. 

You may, however, worry that there may be valuable or sentimental items hidden in all that junk that you would like to keep. What's the best way to make sure that these items aren't thrown away?

Have a Look Round Before Cleaning Begins

If the home you're having cleared is safe to enter, then you can spend some time having a look round. Depending on how cluttered things are, you may be able to find or see some of the things you want to keep.

You can then remove these items before the clean up if they are accessible or portable. If they aren't, make a list of the items and their location and give it to the person managing the cleaning crew. They can the ensure that these items are put to one side for you.

Make a List of Things You Know About

If it isn't safe for you to go around the property before it has been cleared or if you aren't able to visit the house, then it may help to make a list of things you'd like to retain. This could be a list of specific items that you know the person owned, like pieces of furniture or jewellery, for example.

Or, you could make a general list if you aren't sure what is in the house. For example, if the person who owned the house was a member of your family, you might want to keep any photos or family keepsakes that are in the property. Or, you might want financial paperwork like information about bank accounts or insurance policies.

Again, this list will help your cleaning crew sift out things that shouldn't be recycled or thrown away. They can keep things that match this list for you.

Ask Your Cleaning Company for Help

If you have no idea what is in the house, then you're working blind. There may be nothing of value in the home but, equally, there may be some gems in there.

In this case, talk to the cleaning company. They will have experience of identifying potentially valuable items in even the biggest hoard. You can ask them to keep items of interest for you so you can decide what to do with them once the cleaning is done.