The Different Benefits of Hot Water Extraction for Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is one of the more popular flooring covers for a significant number of households. However, although carpets ensure you have plush and comfortable floors, they are also quite prone to attracting and retaining dirt. Regular vacuuming of your carpets may make them look clean, but the reality is there is a host of microscopic contaminants left behind that you may not know reside in your carpet. If you would like to ensure that your carpets do not become a health hazard in your home, you should consider deep cleaning through hot water extraction. Besides being an environmentally friendly means of cleaning, below are two other benefits that hot water extraction can afford you.

Thorough cleaning

Hot water extraction ensures all the dirt is eliminated. With conventional carpet cleaning methods, you will find that only the surface dirt is eliminated. This is why stubborn stains are so difficult to remove, as they will be deeply embedded in the carpet fibres. Moreover, over time, you will find that microorganisms such as dust mites begin to breed within your carpets. This is why it would be crucial to opt for deep cleaning occasionally. With hot water extraction, the carpet-cleaning professionals will inject hot steam into your carpeting. This steam functions to break down the particles that have been embedded in your carpet fibres.

Additionally, the hot steam will kill any microorganisms that have begun nesting in your carpet. Once the cleaning process is complete, the hot water is extracted using a powerful vacuum, leaving your carpet fibres as good as new.

Creates minimal residue

Another benefit of hot water extraction is that your carpet is not subjected to residue from cleaning chemicals. When you clean your carpet using shampoos or detergents, you will find that the residue begins to accumulate on your carpet fibres over time. This is because you need to rinse the carpet numerous times to eliminate all of the detergent used to clean the carpet. In addition to the residue, you will find that the chemical smell of the cleaning detergents may also linger on the carpet fibres. This can become irritating to any loved ones who are susceptible to allergies or small children who have sensitive skin.

To prevent all this, you should opt for hot water extraction for your carpet cleaning that exclusively uses steam, thereby effectively eliminating any lingering residues from cleaning agents. The lack of cleaning agents also prolongs the lifespan of your carpet fibres, keeping your carpet looking good for a longer period of time.

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