Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The quality of air inside the house is crucial for the good health of your family. It is a common habit to open the windows whenever you feel that the air inside the house is stuffy or contaminated. But often, this is not enough. The following are tips to keep your indoor air fresh and breathable.

1.    No smoking inside the house

You need to implement strict policies on smoking if you have smokers in the home.  Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals including toxins and known carcinogenic compounds. These substances can be trapped inside the house posing a health risk.  If you have to smoke, step outside, reasonably far from windows and doors or ask smokers to do so if you aren't a smoker.

2.    Tidy the home and maintain clean carpets

Dust particles will always find a way inside the house. It can be through an open window or door, ventilation or any other opening. These dust particles will settle on any surface in the house, and can quickly accumulate. Dusty air can trigger allergic reactions and can even predispose children to conditions such as asthma.

Due to their fibers, carpets easily trap dust, pollen and other dirt that comes in from outside. It goes without saying then that dirty carpets can easily become a source of pollutants in the house.  Regular vacuuming can help, but it is only a temporary solution because it removes only superficial particles. Besides, it cannot deal with issues such as mites which thrive in dirty carpets. Have your carpets cleaned regularly by professional carpet cleaners. These professionals have the right equipment and know-how to rid your carpet of harmful substances. 

3.    Do not use synthetic fragrances

What most people don't know is that aerosols including air fresheners emit substances that are volatile and harmful.  Also, most laundry products and the perfumes in hand soaps contain synthetic fragrances that can pollute the air. The best option is to go for products that are fragrance-free and have natural scents. Use of lemon as an air perfume and baking soda to do away with odours is also a better choice.

Finally, you could opt for an air-filtering plant placed strategically in the house, use a dehumidifier to control moisture and allergens in the home and maintain a humidity of between 35 percent and 50 percent. Also, the old habit of opening the windows is still important too.