Questions to Ask a Carpet Cleaning Professional

It's good to have your home's carpets cleaned regularly, even if they don't look particularly stained or dirty. This is because carpet fibres can trap and hold dust, dirt, human hair, pet hair and a host of other irritants below the carpet's surface, so carpeting can be very dirty even though it looks relatively clean. Regular, professional carpet steam cleaning will also keep carpet fibres from getting matted down and ruined. When you are ready to schedule a professional cleaning, note a few questions to ask and details to share beforehand so you know the job will get done right and that your carpets will look their best and be as clean as possible.

Ask about the line of dirt around the baseboard

If your home has very light carpeting, you may notice a line of dirt around the baseboards, at the edge of the carpeting itself. This dirt builds up as air gets pulled toward the baseboards, along the crack between the carpet and those baseboards or a doorframe; the dirt that travels with that air then gets trapped along the edge of the carpeting. Ask your cleaning professional about that line of dirt, as carpet edges may need some added care and attention during their cleaning processes in order for all that dirt to be completely removed and for the edge of the carpeting to look its best.

Ask about steam cleaning versus shampooing or dry cleaning

Steam cleaning uses hot water extraction to loosen and remove dirt from the carpeting, but without harsh shampoos and chemicals and without brushes that might actually flatten carpeting fibres. Steam cleaning isn't the best choice for very ground-in dirt and stains, but if you have your carpets cleaned regularly, this method might be a good option for removing everyday dirt and dust, and it can be gentler on delicate carpeting as well.

Ask if carpets will be sanitized

If you have children who play on the floor, it's good to have the carpets sanitized; this is often a separate step that's performed after the standard cleaning is finished. A sanitizing substance will remove bacteria and allergens that are especially harmful to the sinuses, making the carpets safer for children especially. It's good to ask about this process, as cleaning the carpets will remove lots of germs and other irritants, but not all. If you need the carpets to be safe for children, or if you are especially sensitive to allergens, bacteria, and other such harmful elements, ask about a separate sanitizing process along with the cleaning.