No Sweat: 3 Services You Should Pay For

As budgets shrink and prices grow, everyone is trying to find ways to keep their spending to a minimum.  In pursuit of this goal, you may often find yourself forgoing professional services and heading down the 'DIY' route instead.  That's a great idea for those who are capable of doing so.  However, this isn't true of every professional service.  Sometimes you've just got to pay an expert.  As you try to be frugal, it can be hard to know which services can be comfortably sidestepped and which should be budgeted for.  As a start, here's a quick guide to some services you should definitely keep on your 'expert' list.

Air Con Maintenance

Australian weather is both a blessing and a curse.  In the intensity of our summers, it's vital that our air conditioning units are kept in good working order.  While it is possible to learn how to maintain your own air con unit, doing the job properly requires a level of commitment that few have the time for.  Besides, if anything does go wrong with the mechanics of your unit, having a professional routinely check your system can avoid a small problem developing into a big one.

Carpet Laying

Buying new carpets can be a costly venture.  As such,  we may be tempted to forgo the fitting charge and lay the carpet ourselves.  This is not advisable.  For an expert, carpet laying is a quick and easy job.  For those of us who don't cut and fit carpets day in and day out, it's a much more complicated venture.  Mistakes can be costly, and if the carpet doesn't sit right at the end of your efforts, you may feel frustrated and unhappy with your purchase.  Fitting charges are rarely extortionate, so it's well worth sitting back and letting a professional do it.  The same goes for repairs.

Roof Repairs

The theory behind repairing your roof may be simple — but no job completed at height is ever so simple in practice. Especially if you're not steady on your feet or not used to working at the top of a ladder, you could be putting yourself at risk of serious injury simply by stepping on the first rung.  Professionals who work at height are taken through safety courses and never undertake such work without someone to foot the ladder, and real safety precautions.  Considering that, it's just not worth it to attempt these jobs yourself.

As ever, you should make sure that the professionals you do hire do quality work for a reasonable rate - but at least in these three industries, you'll know that that rate is definitely worth it.